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Code Cultivator

Farmer & Recovering Software Developer


i mostly farm, but i’ll get a lil’ dirt on my keyboard so you don’t have to

Spreadsheet Design

I have the hook-up on simple-enough spreadsheets that my crew and I actually use for savvy crop planning, seed management, harvest tracking, and maintaining organic certification.

Digital productivity

I’m all about leveling up small-scale farmers’ game, guiding them through the setup of the free digital productivity tools we use on a working farm: Google Sheets, Docs, Tasks, Calendar, and Keep.

custom code

I generally recommend keeping it simple and sticking to spreadsheets, but if you want or need custom code it can really save you time. I’ve got your back on just about any platform or programming language.


(Coming Soon)

need a nerd?


For the first 25 years of my life, I was the quintessential nerd, deep into video games, tinkering with computers, and loving every pixelated moment. I began building websites at an early age – even building a website for my high school (and it was a lot harder than it is now). But, by the time I completed college and obtained my degree in computer science, the typical gamer lifestyle: sitting in a chair all day + mountain dew + poor diet = a heavy took a toll on my health and I found myself in need of a change. Closely tied with diet, the environmental issues around industrial agriculture started tugging at my conscience – I decided it was time for a reboot.

Enter my journey into the world of cooking from scratch, where, in time, I began centering my diet around locally sourced veggies. There was a long road ahead – picture me at my first farmers’ market in Salt Lake City in December wondering where the tomatoes were. Eventually, I moved to Cedar City where I became a regular at the farmers’ market and fate intervened – that’s where I crossed paths with Sara and Symbria of Red Acre Farm, and whom later founded Red Acre Center for Food and Agriculture

let’s chat

Ready to take your farming game to the next level? Feel free to reach out!

TK Kern


Farmer & Recovering Software Developer